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How can you support a reforestation foundation to achieve a better planet?

The world is the home we all share. Regardless of where we live, our culture,...

The world is the home we all share. Regardless of where we live, our culture, religion or lifestyle, we are all responsible for keeping our home in optimal condition. If you don’t have time, a reforestation foundation can help you. You no longer have to go to an open place and plant a tree. You no longer have to travel every so often to water it. There are people who will do it for you, but they need your help. The wonderful thing about this is that the tree belongs to you. The reforestation foundation has a dashboard where you can see where that tree was planted (in case you want to visit it), the type of tree, photos and videos and even characteristics about how big it is and how much CO2 it has filtered from the atmosphere.

It’s time to create a green challenge on social networks

Social networks love challenges. Years ago, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” managed to demonstrate what people can do if they unite on a large scale. How about a challenge that involves planting trees? You can contact a reforestation foundation and ask them about the process of planting a tree. Once done, you can upload photos and videos of your tree to your social networks and challenge others to do the same. Currently the goal is to plant 2 billion hectares, so moving people en masse will help the reforestation foundation to achieve it. Trees convert CO2 into oxygen. Without oxygen there is no life. Those who plant a tree today are ensuring a supply of oxygen to the planet for the next 40 years.

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A reforestation foundation can’t stand alone against everything

You may think that uncontrolled deforestation and urbanization of certain areas are the cause of the lack of trees in the world. However, CO2 has been responsible for global warming. A reforestation foundation cannot fight this alone. In recent years there have been major wildfires around the world. As an example, we can cite the fires in the Amazon rainforest and Australia. Thousands of species were affected. If we all join this initiative and help a reforestation foundation to plant a tree, we can avoid wildfires in the future. The climate will be better and there will be no serious problems such as floods or earthquakes. Besides, there is nothing better than feeling that you have trees planted around the world and that those trees grow and develop thanks to your support.